Comme ce poste vise une personne de langue maternelle anglaise, la description de celui-ci est entièrement en anglais.

WE’RE HIRING: Sales Manager

Maybe you’ve never considered it, but are you up for the challenge of selling subscriptions to establishments, working remotely and leading a team? If you are organized, a great multitasker, digitally savvy with experience working and selling online, and someone who is satisfied by helping people all over the world find natural wine…. then this might be the perfect job for you!

🍷 We’re looking for a native English speaker to join our team! Do you love natural wine? Are you experienced in sales in the digital world? Are you looking for a full-time job at a company who values the environment and does not sell or rent the data of its users?

Remember, we are looking for a native & fluent English speaker who can work full time for a French company and LOVES natural wine. If you don’t fit all three of these categories, then this isn’t the job for you. Please note this is a full time business focused offer, not a side job. If you also speak a second language, you get extra points! 👍

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]


Organski Podrum - Belgrade, Serbie
L’équipe Raisin vous souhaite une excellente année 2023 !

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