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Raisin isn’t an umpteenth app on wine.
Raisin is exclusively,
passionately, dedicated to the natural wine community.

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What is natural wine?

Natural wine is wine that respects man and nature

A wine that gets back to basics.
Grape juice, and sometime a little bit of sulphur.
And that’s all..

A wine produced by winemakers dedicated to making healthy, vibrant wine, avoiding the use of chemicals in both the vineyard and the cellar. A wine which surprises and respects consumers – consumers who not only want to drink wine free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, but who also want an experience which is both unique and radically new in wine. Unique because each vintage will be different.

A wine which opens horizons for an engaged, epicurean and global revival of a product which we all think we know!

This is where the journey starts: where can I find natural wines? How do I know if a wine is natural? How do I know what the one I buy will be like?

Déjà bu ! Natural winemaker

We consider a winemaker is natural if at least 30% of their wines are just made with grapes, and sometimes minimal doses of sulfites, respectful of the environment and of mankind.

modération vin naturel Moderation process

Each wine posted on Raisin is moderated after the event. If it is considered natural, a link will point to the winemaker’s index entry so you can see their other wines

Index des vigneron

Winemaker index

Who are the natural winemakers?

We have already referenced over 581 winemakers and their wines, throughout the world. This index will grow daily thanks to your posts!

Recommended places

Our moderation process

With Raisin, you can easily find places nearby that stock or serve natural wines. The maps are maintained regularly by the Raisin team. .

How do we choose the places that we recommend? It’s simple: every place that we recommend must stock at least 30% of natural wines. Reviews are made by our team based upon visits, wine lists, etc.

1676 registered places and counting! We’ve gathered information about restaurants, wine shops and bars, worlwide. Raisin offers the most comprehensive natural wine database you can find today.


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We are a micro-team who aim to make natural wine easy for everybody!

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