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Drink. Eat. Read. at Zweig!

“Drink. Eat. Read.” is the way of life at Zweig, a new destination on the Raisin map in Kyiv, Ukraine!

The idea behind Zweig is to have an out of the ordinary yet relaxed place to hang out with friends and experience an artful cuisine, crafted cocktails, natural wine, and modern literature. Here everything is thoughtful and curated to go together in a space of beautiful interior design and friendly comfort.

On the eating and drinking front, expect fresh sourced ingredients from the forest used in the kitchen and cocktails: elderberry, wild violet, dandelions, and more! The menu changes each season in harmony with nature, and of course natural wine goes wonderfully with it.

Don’t forget the books! Zweig’s library is another part of the whole experience, and they even have a book sommelier to make the perfect pairing.

Enjoy 📚🍷🍹🌿


Welcome to SALTA!

At Lisbon’s latest Raisin spot, explore a unique fusion cuisine of Asian meets Central American flavors… let’s go to SALTA!

SALTA was dreamed up by four friends, chefs and lovers of gastronomy: Tomaz Reis, Mo Lisbona, Pedro Lopes and Rafael Almeida who built this place with endless creativity. The name SALTA is short for Saltapatrás, which refers to Asian and Native American culture and social groups coming together. SALTA is a place of diversity that joins people in a fun environment. The space is luxurious yet laid-back, with deliciously fresh cuisine that echoes that vibe. The natural wine list is also multi-cultural, with wines from Portugal, France, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain. It’s a whole new culinary experience in Lisboa, check it out!


Fabro Padaria in Rio de Janeiro !

+1 to the Raisin Map in Brazil with the addition of bar Fabro Padaria, right along the coast of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro!!! 🇧🇷 

Stroll up to Fabro Padaria’s window where you’ll meet these friendly faces, and take home some of the finest artisanal products in the neighborhood: freshly baked bread, homemade jams, butter from the countryside, and of course natural wines. And head back to the bar to enjoy wine by the glass, good beer, and cocktails too from the barista. The shelves are always stocked with great things to eat and drink 🍞🍷


Vella Terra 2021!

Our dear volunteer and friend, Alejandra, is kicking off the opening of Garage Bar Madrid with a new adventure!

As the organizer of the previous Vella Terra fairs, she is putting on a smaller event with 14 artisan winemakers. This Monday, July 19th from 5 to 8 PM at Garage Bar Madrid, get your ticket to taste the new vintages from some incredible natural winemakers. Check it out:


Casa Pardet (Catalunya)

Jordi Llorens (Catalunya)

Uva de Vida (Castilla La Mancha)

Bodega Garay (Andalucía)

Azpillaga Urarte (La Rioja)

Sifer Wines (Catalunya)

Alfredo Arribas (Catalunya)

Quinta de Ermergeria (Lisboa)

Aldo Viola (Sicilia)

Pinyolet Vinyaters (Catalunya)

Mas Gomà (Catalaunya)

Cos a Cos (Catalunya)

La Encina (Comunidad Valenciana)

Can Vi (Catalunya)


l’Enoteca L’Antidoto in Rome!

Ready to travel and make your way to Rome? If so, Enoteca L’Antidoto is the latest Italian natural wine shop and bar on the Raisin map that you must try!

Their motto is one that we can all appreciate:

“We are an Enoteca of natural wine and lovers of the gastronomic world. Thanks to our small kitchen, we offer you a simple, quality, and seasonal menu. Good food, good wine, good people.” Everything on their menu this summer will be as fresh and lively as the wine they are serving, we know you’ll love it!

tilda og karl

Tilda Og Karl in Copenhagen

Tilda og Karl is a bar and café owned by Lisa & Francesco Cunsolo located in one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Copenhagen!

They serve everything from coffee and breakfast to natural wine, cocktails, and dinner. On the menu you will find snacks, traditional homemade pasta and seasonal dishes all made from organic products with a Nordic Italian approach. A cozy and family-friendly chill-out space during daytime transforms into a vibrant meeting point in the evening on Raisin’s map!