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Surprising Denmark! In the north of Europe, surrounded by the sea, Denmark is a country of water and islands of unsuspected richness. It's a country where you can indulge in the pleasures of nature, its comforting and romantic cities, its thousand-year-old historical heritage, its dynamic culture, its unique state of mind and its distinctive identity. Come and experience the magic of Denmark! It will inspire you...


A country on a human scale

Between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Denmark is the most southerly of the Scandinavian countries. It has a unique geography: one part of the country is continental, linked to Germany by a border, and the other part is made up of more than 400 verdant small and large islands! It is also the birthplace of the Vikings, who crossed the seas in the 8th and 9th centuries to leave their mark on many European countries; and of a large number of kings who, at various times, dominated the whole of Scandinavia (such as Knut the Great in the 11th century or Christian I in the 15th). The result of all this is a unique identity and an influence that gives this small country its charm.

To the east, the island of Seeland, the largest, concentrates the majority of the population. And with good reason: it's home to the capital as well as other major cities.

Copenhague, Danemark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Take the time to discover Copenhagen, so pleasant, so relaxed and so easy to get around (by bike or on foot, like most of the locals). You'll love the Nyhavn, the canal in the center of the city lined with colorful, picture-postcard facades. But you'll also love wandering around the two-faceted district of Christianhavn: on one side the quiet canals where barges moor, and on the other Christiania, an alternative living space that has been self-managed since the 1970s. You'll be delighted to discover the majestic Rosenborg Castle, a fine example of Danish Renaissance architecture; the Amalienborg, a rococo palace and current residence of the royal family; the Round Tower and its panoramic observation platform, as well as the many shopping streets filled with small boutiques, bars and restaurants (including Strøget). As for the famous Little Mermaid, the city's iconic bronze statue, you'll find her on her rock in the harbor at Langelinie Park. Take a trip to Christiansborg, former royal palace and scene of a scandal between Queen Caroline-Mathilde, wife of Christian VII, and Dr. Struensee, which shook the foundations of the monarchy (brilliantly recounted in Royal Affair starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, a film we warmly recommend). Today, it's the seat of the Danish Parliament, brought to international attention by the excellent series Borgen, which we also recommend.

Fjord de Roskilde, Ile du Seeland, Danemark
Roskilde Fjord, Zealand Island, Denmark

From the capital, you can explore the surrounding area - nothing is far away! In less than 25 minutes by train, you'll be in Roskilde, nestled at the bottom of a fjord (an ancient glacial valley invaded by the sea), where you can take a ride on a reproduction Viking longship. Admire its remarkable brick cathedral, which has also been a royal necropolis since the 15th century. In less than 1 h, you'll reach Hillerød, to visit the immense Frederiksborg Castle and its breathtaking views, and can even push a little further north to the elegant Kronborg Castle, chosen by Shakespeare to set Hamlet. To the south, don't miss the island of Møn, with its great white cliffs, beaches and megaliths...

Château d'Egeskov, Ile de Fionie, Danemark
Egeskov Castle, Island of Fionie, Denmark

Let's move a little further west to Fionie, an island of soft, restful tones and numerous castles and manor houses. Discover Odense (1 h from Copenhagen by high-speed train), the birthplace of the timeless storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, with its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and attractive modern port. Take a tour of the spectacular Egeskov Renaissance castle, which offers activities and entertainment all year round. And for a break from the daily grind, head for the pastoral landscapes and colorful houses of the island of Ærø. But there are many other beautiful islands in this archipelago if you're a fan. In fact, with all its islands linked to each other by ferries or bridges, Denmark is perfect if you're into flea-bitten travel, and even more so if you're into cycling (because there's a lot you can do by bike in Denmark!).

Let's finish with the Jutland peninsula, a vast and fascinating area.

Aarhus, Péninsule de Jutland, Danemark
Aarhus, Jutland Peninsula, Denmark

In the south, you'll be seduced by Ribe, a pretty medieval town set in the heart of the polders (the oldest in the country), but also by the bird-filled Wadden Sea National Park, where you can admire the impressive ballets of starlings in the sky. In the center, you can't get enough of the fjords that run from south to north (Vejle, Horsens and Mariager), as well as Koldinghus Castle. To the west, you'll be captivated by endless white-sand beaches and large dunes, ideal for relaxation or water sports. To the east, stop off at Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city and one of the first ports of the Viking era. You'll love its lively atmosphere, architectural nuggets and green spaces. To the north, you'll encounter wild, sand-swept landscapes with an unexpected end-of-the-world feel. Like the Råbjerg Mile, a 40 m-high dune forming a small desert that shifts a little every year; the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse; Thy National Park with its twisted forests, fishing villages and incredible surf spots (known here as the Cold Hawaiias). There are also some captivating and contrasting towns: Skagen, a grandiose resort bathed in light and a source of inspiration for many artists, or dynamic Aalborg, with its iconic architectural buildings and mystical Viking cemetery (yes, you read that right!).

Aalborg, Péninsule de Jutland, Danemark
Aalborg, Jutland Peninsula, Denmark

And let's not forget that Denmark is also home to the Faroe Islands, a volcanic archipelago between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic, with mountains, valleys, moors and cliffs that are highly prized by hikers and budding birdwatchers; and Greenland, in the northeast of North America, three-quarters of which is covered in ice and whose population lives on the west coast.


Culture and design

Denmark is very dynamic when it comes to festive events. You're likely to find them where you are or nearby, especially if you're visiting in summer. For example, the emblematic Aarhus Festival, created in 1965, offers 10 days of artistic entertainment (music, short films, dance, theater, exhibitions...). ); the Roskilde Festival, a music festival created in 1971 where you can also pitch your tent; the Magic Day Festival, a family event based on fantasy, magic, wizards and trolls (characters of the utmost importance in Norse mythology); the Aalborg Carnival; Copenhagen's many music festivals (jazz, blues, heavy metal, opera, electro)...including the highly original Distortion, a huge electro street party that moves from neighborhood to neighborhood over 5 days. And much, much more!

Fans of art and history will want to visit Denmark's many museums (and playgrounds), of which here's a small selection: the fabulous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk (where you'll see works by Danish painter Asger Jorn, founder of the CoBrA painting movement); the impressive collection of the ARoS Museum in Aarhus (with its spectacular circular rainbow walkway by Danish-Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson); the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg ; the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense, the Tirpitz Museum (a bunker dedicated to the history of the Atlantic Wall during the Second World War), the Ragnarock Music City in Roskilde; the National Museum in Copenhagen for a journey through the country's history; the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde (great with kids); the Kongernes Museum in Jelling on the history of the Vikings (always great with kids); Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (a mythical amusement park dating back to the 19th century); and the must-see Legoland park (because Lego is Danish!).

Which brings us to the final point of this section: Denmark is a country of design! Whether in furniture, objects, textiles or architecture, you'll soon see for yourself. Danish design is part of the Scandinavian design movement, which revolves around three core values - minimalism, functionality and sustainability - and is inspired by nature in its materials, shapes and ornamentation. To understand and admire this modern art, we absolutely recommend a visit to the Designmuseum Danmark and the Danish Architecture Center, both in Copenhagen. 


Naturally good!

You'll find that Danish cuisine is truly surprising. Whether in its traditional version, on the go or in its new cuisine (innovative, cutting-edge and highly gastronomic), it is capable of combining flavors known to all in original recipes that delight the palate.

Let's start with wienerbrød, pastries made with puff pastry and almond, sometimes flavored with cinnamon and/or cardamom, which you can enjoy for breakfast or a snack (they're available in every bakery and stick to your fingers!).

Smørrebrød, Spécialité Danoise
Smørrebrød, Danish specialty

There's also smørrebrød, buttered rye bread filled with fresh produce: meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables... Everyone eats it for lunch (a must!). For a change of pace, you can also try rød pølse, the Danish hot dog, a bun topped with red sausages, pickled cucumbers and fried onions, which you order from a pølsevognen (street food). 

We also recommend frikadeller (meatballs with onions and spices); stegt flæsk (crispy pork with parsley sauce); pramdragergryde (slow-cooked stew); sakkuk (potato gratin with lamb, pork, mustard and syrup); ølben (pork chops marinated in brine, spices and beer);  gudhjem mady ppa (bacon in sweet-and-sour sauce with cod)... A special mention for solæg, an egg cooked in onion peelings, placed in brine for 3 weeks and turning blue!

On the seafood side, you'll enjoy smoked, marinated or fried sild (herring); rolled eel (stuffed with onions, boiled and served in slices with potatoes), Skagen plaice (grilled fish served with stewed berries), platte (cold land-sea platter with herring, fish, meat croquettes, cheese...) as well as salmon, mackerel, cod, oysters, scampi...

Risalamande, Spécialité Danoise
Risalamande, Danish specialty

For dessert, try risalamande (rice pudding topped with crushed almonds and cherry coulis). At Christmas, you can hide a whole almond inside: whoever finds it wins! We also love the very fresh citronfromage (lemon mousse), karamelrand (egg and caramel cream), koldskål (sweetened fermented milk served cold) or æblekage (verrine of apple compote, cookie, meringue, topped with whipped cream)... Look out for the ice creams, too: Danes love them, and they're often excellent (Denmark produces a lot of milk). There are ice cream stands all over the place.

In Denmark, we drink a lot of coffee. But also a lot of beer! Don't hesitate to get off the beaten track and try some of the local beers produced in the breweries and micro-breweries dotted around the country. Or try aquavit, a brandy to be drunk chilled in small glasses. You can also choose natural wine, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the big cities. All the good addresses are in Raisin. Skål!

An important practical aside: in Denmark, we eat early! Breakfast is taken before 8 a.m. and is often copious, lunch at midday and dinner between 6 and 8 p.m..

It's also worth noting that Denmark is home to one of the world's finest restaurants (Noma). Its iconic chef René Redzepi, along with many other Danish chefs, is a signatory of the 2004 Nordic Food Manifesto, the foundation of contemporary Nordic cuisine in general and Danish nouvelle cuisine in particular. In their wake, many experienced chefs and new up-and-coming generation chefs have turned to this vision of cuisine focused on purity, freshness and simplicity, more attentive to the natural flavors of Danish products and traditional techniques (such as marinating, smoking and salting) but also to health, sustainability, seasonality and quality. It's no surprise, then, that natural wine is at the heart of the menus of many committed restaurants.


Hygge, the recipe for happiness 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is the key to life in Denmark: a sense of well-being that permeates the whole of Danish society and manifests itself in every moment of everyday life.

From decorating the home to lighting candles to create a cozy atmosphere, a good book by the fire, a film with the family on a rainy afternoon, a hot bath after a long day, a glass of natural wine in a cozy bar or dinner with friends.

This need for comfort is probably linked to the long winter months, when night falls very early. But that's not all. Because a summer picnic or a spring bike ride can also be hygge. And because behind this philosophy lies the idea of openness to others, sharing, solidarity, confidence and self-care to give oneself the strength to face life's little worries... 

How about a little hygge in Denmark? Enjoy this sunny state of mind, the beautiful things in life and feel happy. Quite simply...

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