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CONTEXT: The European Union's updated wine labeling requirements, effective from December 8th, 2023, were further clarified in a document released on May 30, 2023. This document, sourced from the DGCCRF (Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes), outlines the latest essential and obligatory information for winegrowers selling within the E.U.

We have compiled the important information below.

Explore the latest regulations on wine labeling in the European Union.

When does this legal obligation begin?

  • Starting in 2023, the revised wine labeling regulations pertain to sparkling wines and aperitif wines (or aromatized wine products) produced on or after December 8th, 2023 (bottling date for sparkling wines, blending date for aperitif wines).
  • For still wines and liqueur wines, the updated requirements come into effect from the 2024 vintage onwards.


The regulation allows a 2-year transition period. Throughout this time, authorities will be lenient if the required information is still missing from your bottles.

Is the QR code compulsory?

To ensure compliance, it is imperative to include both the ingredients and nutritional declaration on either the label or the back label. If you include this information, the QR code is NOT compulsory.

  • Ingredients: "Grapes" and "Preservatives (Sulfites)" (in the absence of any other additives).
  • For the nutritional declaration, specify the energy value in kilojoules or kilocalories per 100 ml.
  • Example: Ingredients: grapes, sulfites - 100ml = Energy 266 KJ / 64kcal - Fat 0g - Carbohydrates: 1g.

💥 SO2 = allergen

As SO2 is an allergen, it must appear separately in the list of ingredients (in bold, for example).

Where does this obligation apply?

To all wines produced and/or sold in the E.U.

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