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Raisin: 70,000 DOWNLOADS of the application

✨ 📲 Raisin: 70,000 DOWNLOADS of the application ✨ THANK YOU 🙏 !

Thanks to you, to all of the winemakers, wine shops, restaurants, bars, bloggers, journalists, writers, lovers of natural wine, to those who discovered the app by chance, to those who visited us at tastings, to our friends, our parents, our families, to the entire Raisin team who has done phenomenal work, and to those who spread the word as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 100,000 downloads seems to be right at our fingertips 👍

natural wine in Italy


This may have taken some time, but it was well worth the wait…With over 291 bars, wine cellars, and restaurants, including 40 recently added, Italy is one of the leading countries in natural wine! How can you not be excited about this country rich in history, culture, eating, and drinking. From Piedmont to Tuscany through Abruzzi, you’ll be delighted to find these regions full of places to drink the wines that we love.

Grazie mile to Christophe Fustinoni for his involvement. Also thanks to Elena Masi, Ions Arigris, Gae Saccoccia, Elena and Fulvio de Marchi, Michele Ramponi, and Christian Binner for their help, along with all of our users and contributors. Ciao a tutti!

Raisin aime le Japon ! (mise à jour)

🇯🇵 Raisin Loves Japan! (UPDATE)

JAPAN: 180 new establishments added to the Raisin app! Second largest country (after France) where you can drink natural wine, Japan now counts 327 bars, restaurants and wine shops where you’ll find at least 30% of natural wine. O migoto (congratulations) !

Thanks to the people involved in creating this map: Mr Ito, Kisho, Masaki, Madoka, and Akinori from Oeno Connexion.

Raisin wants you!

Raisin wants you!

To contine promoting and developing the growth of natural wines around the world, Raisin is looking for two interns or through an apprenticeship contract to join us at Smart Food Paris as from February 2018. If you are passionate about natural wines, we need you!


1. Communication and events internship:

Do you have strong experience of social networks and their interactions with natural wine communities? Do you administer Fan Pages? Do you master tweets, reposts and swaps? Can you organise a count-down to publication schedule? Do you juggle hot and cold news with ease? Can you create newsletters? Not scared of Photoshop? Have you already organised 47 natural Beaujolais Nouveau events (at least!)? Do you enjoy photography and know how to use a Reflex camera? This position is for you!


2. Project support and managements internship:

Are you familiar with Trello, Slack, reverse scheduling, project management and follow-up, debugging and defriefing? Can you create and keep a schdule up-to-date? Can you write technical specifications? Manage subcontractors? Even in English? Are you at ease with Photoshop, Sketch and the Google suite? Are you patient, organised and thorough? Do you think tomorrow is a long way off but will be here soon? This is the position for you!



Very good knowledge of natural wines (expect to be tested on this), curiosity, open mindedness, precision. Fluent French and English and mastery of digital tools.

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]