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Dynamic, alternative, vibrant, and constantly changing, Berlin has a ‚Äėje ne sais quoi‚Äô that gives the impression that nothing is set in stone, and everything is possible. That's why we love this city so much: it's steeped in history, it's full of surprises, and it's laid-back, so that in the end, everyone can live as they please. Interested in a Berlin getaway? You're right... Because a visit to Berlin means experiencing a city like no other.

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Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany

Berlin's diversity

It's true, Berlin is a city that symbolizes European history, and it's often the reason we go there. But it's much more than that, and there's no shortage of good reasons to visit.

In addition to its history, Berlin's rich cultural and artistic heritage shines through emblematic sites and monuments, numerous museums, art galleries galore, festivals of all kinds... not to mention a fusion of architectural styles, mixing historic and contemporary buildings, which gives the city a certain charm.

Over the course of its metamorphosis, Berlin has become a trendy, avant-garde and bohemian capital. And it's happening in almost every district. Restored buildings, friendly markets, pleasant cafés and terraces, natural restaurants, and wine bars, green spaces...: each of the city's 12 districts has its own face, its own history, its own trend. Another Berlin, in fact.

Berlin is also worth experiencing at night. A legacy of the unbridled nightlife of the post-First World War Roaring Twenties, but also of the wild techno parties after the fall of the Wall. Berlin boasts some of the best electro clubs in the world, including some unusual locations like the Berghain, housed in a former power station. And there are plenty of other parties and places to party, especially on the banks of the Spree in summer...

Last but not least, it's also an ecological city. Don't hesitate to explore it by bike - there are plenty of cycle paths - or by public transport... like the vast majority of Berliners!

Remains of the Berlin Wall
Remains of the Berlin Wall


A melting pot of history and culture

When it comes to history, there are some must-visit sights that will transport you back in time.

Let's begin with the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Cold War, which was demolished on the night of November 9-10, 1989, after nearly three decades of dividing the city (and the country). Its construction aimed to deter a growing number of East Berlin (GDR) residents from escaping to West Berlin (FRG).

The most renowned fragment of the wall is the East Side Gallery, situated in the Friedrichshain district. Covered in street art, it features the famous "fraternal kiss" between Soviet leaders Brezhnev and Honecker, crafted by Russian artist Dimitri Vrubel. To truly grasp the historical significance of the division, a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial is essential. Here, you'll encounter the last remaining section of the wall preserved in its original layout, complete with an inner wall, sentry walk, lighting pylons, no-man's-land, signal fence, and outer wall. This visit reveals the immense scale of the barrier and the harrowing challenges faced by those attempting to cross it.

Directly linked to the country's division is the Brandenburg Gate. Although erected in the 18th century, this former city gate played a pivotal role in the Berlin Wall's history. Today, it stands as a symbol of German unity, celebrated for its historical significance, grandeur, and neoclassical architecture.

A short walk away lies the impressive Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial. This is one of Berlin's memorials dedicated to the six million victims of National Socialism. Open day and night, it comprises thousands of concrete slabs of varying heights arranged on a gentle slope. Abstract and unconventional, it leaves visitors speechless, provoking deep thoughts and emotions, perhaps even serving as a stark warning.

The list of attractions in Berlin is extensive, catering to diverse interests and available time. You might consider visiting Checkpoint Charlie, the renowned border crossing between West and East Berlin, exploring the Reichstag Palace, which was constructed during the formation of the first German Reich (empire) and has housed the Bundestag (Germany's parliamentary assembly) since 1999, ascending the 368-meter-high Fernsehturm (Television Tower), discovering the baroque beauty of Charlottenburg Palace, or wandering through the narrow streets of the Nikolai Quarter, a reconstructed remnant of medieval Berlin, which was founded in 1237.

For museum enthusiasts, Berlin offers the Museum Island, located in the middle of the Spree River and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is home to Berlin Cathedral and five museums: the Bode Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, and the Pergamon Museum. While all of them hold significant cultural value, the last two, housing the splendid bust of Nefertiti and the majestic Ishtar Gate of Babylon (reconstructed with original turquoise glazed bricks), are particularly recommended.

Additional museums worth exploring include the Museum of the Stasi (the GDR's intelligence and espionage service), the Hamburger Bahnhof (a contemporary art museum housed in a former railway station), and the recently inaugurated Cold War Museum, among many others (the list is extensive!).

For families traveling with children, the Video Game Museum is a delightful option, featuring an extensive collection spanning 60 years of video games, allowing visitors to try out several of them. Alternatively, the GDR Museum offers an immersive experience of everyday life in East Berlin, complete with a ride in a Trabant.

Berliner Pfannkuchen
Berliner Pfannkuchen

A taste of Berlin

Traditional Berlin dishes, influenced by the East, are known for their simplicity and heartiness. They often incorporate ingredients like cabbage, potatoes, and various meats. Delights such as the savory pork shank with sauerkraut (Kassler mit Sauerkraut), the unique Berlin fricassee (a stew featuring mushrooms, veal, capers, and crab), and delectable meatballs are staples. For dessert, indulge in Pfannkuchen, a doughnut-like treat filled with jam, or savor the frothy cream of Berliner Luft surrounded by a raspberry sauce.

Beyond the classics, a new culinary trend has been reshaping Berlin's gastronomy in recent years. This movement focuses on sourcing products from local, artisanal, and eco-responsible small-scale producers in the Berlin area. These innovative menus are worth exploring.

What truly distinguishes Berlin is its abundant street food options, allowing you to eat whenever and wherever you please. Berlin's specialties include the renowned Currywurst, a fried sausage seasoned with curry powder and served with tomato sauce, as well as the equally beloved Döner Kebab, invented in the 1970s as a quick lunchtime snack. Berlin's covered markets, such as Markthalle Neun, offer an array of global specialties, and vegans can explore the Green Market Berlin.

Tiergarten Park, Berlin
Tiergarten Park, Berlin

A feeling of space and freedom

Berlin is a vast city, covering almost 900 km², making it ideal for exploration. Space abounds, and the city never feels cramped or congested. Many streets are long and broad, with spacious sidewalks, ensuring smooth traffic flow. In many places, remnants of the no-man's-land from before the fall of the Wall can still be observed, contributing to the city's sense of spaciousness. Berlin is also replete with green spaces, including woods, parks, lakes, and gardens nestled within the urban landscape. Take, for instance, Tiergarten Park, a sprawling 200-hectare oasis that has retained its natural allure. It's perfect for a nap, leisurely stroll, bike ride, barbecue, or even sunbathing.

Another captivating aspect of Berlin is its perpetual evolution. After the Wall's demise, the city was a colossal open-air construction site for an extended period. Even today, there's an ongoing transformation that residents and visitors alike embrace with ease. This unique atmosphere, along with the city's vibrant energy, imparts an incredible and unexpected sense of freedom.

As you can see, Berlin is eclectic, culturally rich, and open-minded. This state of mind and the endless discoveries it promises will undoubtedly entice you to return.




A Word From The Natural Wine Expert:

Chris Foster - More Natural Wine

Chris Foster is the co-creator of MORE Natural Wine, an online store and boutique nestled in Berlin's Neukölln district. A passionate advocate for natural wines and exquisite cuisine, Chris, along with his partner Anika, also share their favorite Berlin culinary hotspots through the Instagram account "Oooh, Berlin!". With a deep love for natural wines and a discerning palate, Chris invites you to explore his carefully curated selection of exceptional addresses for a taste of the extraordinary in Berlin.


MORE Natural Wine, Neukölln, Berlin
MORE Natural Wine, Neukölln, Berlin


Compared to other capital cities in Europe, for many years, Berlin has felt somewhat, well,¬† ‚Äėlagging‚Äô in the wide availability of natural wine. For the purpose of ease, this extensive article is divided between notable shops & bars/restaurants.

Best Natural Wine Shops in Berlin

Whilst pioneers such as Viniculture took the initial step forward many years ago, progress from others in the early days was limited, with importers distributing wines mainly only to forward thinking, fancy restaurants and relying on their own shops selling to private customers to survive with natural wine.

These early adopters include Cantine Sant’ Ambroeus, run solely by charming owner Marco Callegaro. His vast Italian wine knowledge combined with his small, yet homely Italian shop & bar is home to Cantina Giardino, Radikon, Lino Maga and more classics, which in our opinion should be sipped accompanied by Marco’s wonderful Panino sandwiches. This place feels wonderfully Italian, like a rustic Enoteca you would find in Bologna or Milan.

The excellent and deservedly popular Rocket Wine in Mitte has recently upgraded to a larger, new location to become a bar as well as a shop - bridging the two in perfect harmony. At Rocket Wine you can enjoy a great range of european wines including Jean-Pierre Robinot, Costadilla and Koppitsch whilst nibbling on quality bread and cheese, as well as occasional more sophisticated food takeovers from local chefs.

Most of these shops, including more recent but now very locally-established and reliable 8greenbottles make the majority of their income from B2B sales, and this is common throughout the Berlin wine scene: so unlike other European capital cities like Paris, Copenhagen, London or a multitude of other places where it is common for natural wine shops to buy from a range of importers, the vast majority of Berlin wine shops are actually run by the importers themselves, showcasing pretty much exclusively their own producers, rather than offering a range of everything from everyone. This can be advantageous to visitors in the city, whereby, if you feel like a certain style of natural wine, from refined to the more raw, you can discover those wines based on the taste of the local importers who own the shops, and likewise with specific countries you may have an interest in.

For example, Treat Berlin in Neukölln are the only natural wine importer specialising in Portuguese wines (alongside others), whilst previously mentioned 8greenbottles with their two locations in Kreuzberg & Prenzlauer Berg pretty much deal exclusively with German and Austrian producers - at very competitive prices too. Passion Vin in Kreuzberg not too far from perhaps Berlin’s hottest food hub, Markthalle Neun (also with some naturals available at stalls) deal with a more refined, clean French selection and you will find quality natural gems there from Jura to the Loire, mixed in with more conventional, organic producers. This is the same for non-exclusively Natural Wine importer shops like Suff, also in Kreuzberg.

Our own shop in Neukölln, MORE Natural Wine, is unusually one of the very few in the city that offers both imported wines as well as a wider range from many other local Berlin importers and further afield. Whilst not a bar, there are options to drink in as well and the range is broad from rare Jura bottles like Labet & Ganevat to weekday wines from Claus Preisinger, Patrick Bouju Meinklang & Le Coste, as well as some less mainstream gems like Strekov 1075, Benzce, Timo Mayer and Hiyu Wine Farm.

Cantine Sant' Ambroeus, Berlin
Cantine Sant' Ambroeus, Berlin


Berlin Bars & Restaurants leading the natural wine scene

To understand the Berlin natural wine scene best, heading to the various bars and restaurants is the best way forward, for which separating by region makes the most sense - especially as the regions in Berlin differ so much from each other in terms of vibe.

In Friedrichshain, whilst there is hardly anything else noteworthy in the area, the immensely popular and hip Michelberger Hotel features an excellent wine list of all styles, previously formed by Sommelier Emily Harmann, and now well updated by her predecessor Josh Fine. Here a vibrant courtyard with a cosy firepit makes for a very unique place to share a bottle, whilst inside the hotel lobby feels anything but what you expect from a hotel lobby to be, and drinking continues until the early hours on their sofas, as DJs keep the atmosphere going. For those looking for something slightly romantic, a dinner at Briefmarken Weine set in an old Post Stamp shop may be now somewhat pricey but an excellent vibe none-the-less.

In Prenzlauer Berg, there have been some excellent additions recently for natural wine lovers. Bar Normal, under now the wine management of knowledgeable & welcoming Alexander Kanastab, features both glouglou bangers, refined gastronomic sips and some rarer unicorn bottles sure to impress. Nearby mini-restaurant Otto has been a buzz of the city for some time now, and the owner has also just started a new joint venture focusing on traditional-meets-modern German cuisine, Trio, over in nearby Mitte. Casual sharing plates at affordable prices can be enjoyed at neighbourhood joint Estelle (of which their pizzas to share are a must-try).

Cafe Frieda, from the owners of more upscale Mrs Robinsons (where unicorns can also be found), is of notable distinction - armed with excellent sharing plates, hospitality and an all-day hangout vibe that is both cool and fun. Newcomers Ita are set to open shortly before this article is published and are the upcoming hype of the moment in the city, with a focus on South American plates and affordable bottles, with the wines managed by Micaela Longo who previously was the Somm at restaurant Remi in Mitte, run by Stijn Remi of Lode & Stijn fame.

Besides other bars in Prenzlauer Berg such as Dr Maury, Rhinoçéros and Konträr (the latter is well worth a late night visit for a special bottle…), one of the most impressive new openings is another all-day hangout, Material, which is co-run by Germany’s main Spanish natural wine importer Carlos Rodríguez-Santamarta. Small, hip and casual - this pretty new space offers exquisite home-baked pastries, snacks and Spanish wines to go or drink in including Vinos Ambiz, Clos Lentiscus and La Perdida. The joy of their insanely good quality sardines on homemade bread with tomatoes paired with a refreshing glass is a real pleasure.

Material, Berlin
Material, Berlin


A little further south from Prenzlauzer Berg is Mitte. This is the central district of Berlin and the tourist centre with sights such as the TV Tower and Berliner Dom drawing crowds from around the world. The obvious higher rents in this area is apparent with the lack of notable natural wine establishments. Other than the renowned Cordo bar, there are casual eateries such as Standard Serious Pizza which come armed with more Gut Oggau than most in Germany are even allocated, whilst previously mentioned Rocket Wine is a top spot for pre-dinner drinks and well located too.

Whilst in Mitte, don’t miss swinging down to wonderful bakery SOFI in Mitte for some of the city’s best pastries, and grab a bottle there for the park. Those interested in mega-sustainable, hyper local vegan dishes will be impressed with the Frea way of working, although the wine-list leaves a little to be desired, and a modern take on classic German dishes can be found at newly opened Trio.

Neukölln and Kreuzberg are where most of the city’s hotspots reside, and this part of town is often complete with raw Berlin vibe that many admire. Neukölln is great for walking around, and you can enjoy bottles by the canal picked up at Mosto, whose owner Olaf Schindler imports a range of Georgian wines including Pheasant’s Tears as well as soulful Spanish wines like Escoda Sanahuja & Mendall. Pretty much next door is slightly larger bar The Rad and not too far away you’ll find Motif - which acts as a shop in the afternoon and a casual wine hangout at night with a range of affordable bottles and usually one of the better casual vibes to be expected. Owner Ossi has fused music and wine well in this spot, and it’s not unusual to find a pretty great atmosphere on warm summer nights!

Close to the MORE Natural Wine shop, another bistro is making waves…

Holly Gastrobar is gaining an army of loyal followers with their excellent cooking and winelist of lesser known,yet very interesting producers you will unlikely find elsewhere in Berlin. We are constantly amazed how they can make a Baked Camembert actually incredible by dry aging the cheese, stuffing it with Beetroot jam and serving with a freshly baked to order, homemade fermented potato roll. Simple and impressive.

Of course, JaJa in Neukölln is perhaps one of the most famous wine bars in the city and since it was sold by the original owners, it's fair to say most prefer the charming new team, who have upped the bar’s food game and somehow stocked the cellar with even more rare gems than before. Whilst JaJa has the hip factor, meaning they feel fully booked with travellers keen to get some cool Instagram kudos drinking natural wines by the glass, make no mistake - the wine list here is 100% excellent and wine nerds will be impressed. Expect to nudge shoulders with the city’s Somms later in the evening and if you’re in luck, some tasty bottles being shared amongst natural wine fanatics table to table, depending on guests that night of course.

It is worth noting however, that such wine ‚Äėbars‚Äô in Berlin usually feature a much more gastronomic focus, and often with the smaller, refined portion sizes. This is the reality of most wine bars in Berlin: modern dishes are seemingly a requirement for their success.

So, that aspect, coupled with a plethora of quality restaurants where fine dining merges with small plates and fancy bottles, such as the always popular Barra (advance booking essential) alongside nearby Sacre Bleu & La C√īte and there is now a much-welcomed more casual vibe of actual wine bars coming into play‚Ķ

Close to the lovely canal bursting with young Berliners in summer, is the bisto Sorrel, which for sure deserves its own visit for their well-sourced range of tasty bottles and scrumptious food for brunch and dinner, of which some claim has the best Schnitzel in Berlin..

However, the most exciting addition to Berlin as a spot to go mainly for drinking  (with food being secondary) is Bar Sway.

Whilst many head to Bar Sway for the vibe created by DJ owner Jamie Tiller and the affordable wide choice of naturals by the glass, take note that some of the wines dotting the walls here really catch the eye, at very fair prices too. Wine nerds can enjoy sipping Gabrio Bini, Julie Balagny, Robinot, Tschida and many more bangers whilst nibbling on actual bar food - simple Saucisson with pistachios on the side, Grilled cheese in Brioche served with a pickle, Sardines on toast…and even casual packets of crisps! This is exactly the sort of wine bar Berlin was missing - and a must-visit for those not afraid of a loud vibe to enjoy on a night out.

Bar Sway, Berlin
Bar Sway, Berlin


On a similar level, Lager Lager not too far away may sound seemingly exclusive to beer, however, this is a decent neighbourhood bar to enjoy natural wines at good prices too. And shout out to Le Balto too, who like Lager Lager and Bar Sway, are more drink focused than food - although take note their Jewish style bar snacks work a real treat with their mainly Eastern European wines, served from the bottle and tap.

Over in neighbouring Kreuzberg, notable spots to visit include perhaps Berlin’s prettiest restaurant & winebar, ORA. This historic space used to be a wooden Apothecary, and is still adorned with the cupboards and shelving. Candlelit dinners amongst green leather seating and intimate side rooms make this a truly beautiful experience, and the wine list is similar to Michelberger, who also own it - refined wines with a sense of place. Seasonal produce is cooked well by the passionate team and service is some of the best in town.

Perhaps one of our personal favourite wine joints in Berlin, is the wonderful St Bart. Located in the Gräfekiez of Kreuzberg, this gastrobar originally inspired by casual London eatery St John offers simple bistro fare with a British influence, great outdoor seating and a bar feel inside too. Expect food to be served ideal for drinking with, such as Scotch Eggs, Oxtail Pies, Fish & Chips, Brick Chicken with Capers, Onglet Steak with Chummichurri or Bacon Sandwiches - all made in house with a lot of love. Whilst the original owner very recently sold St Bart on, at the time of writing the high standards and good vibes remain, and this is a strongly recommended place to eat and drink for all, with a decent wine list too by Front of House manager Danny. Watch a video of the place here and do not miss their British-style Sunday Roast for serious feasting…

Vegetarians in search of upscale dining should head to Michelin starred restaurant Cookies Cream (hidden in perhaps the most Berlin-esque location ever!) where vibrant Somm Camille Darroux pairs wines excellently with their innovative plant-based dishes. There is much praise around Sri Lanken vegetarian restaurant Sathutu too, which also features a big love for natural wine.

Lesser visited areas like Wedding, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg leave much to be desired in the way of natural wines, however, for those willing to travel a little outside of the usual districts there is certainly a buzz about new opening Julius in Wedding, the sister hangout of Michelin starred 8 seater restaurant Ernst.

St. Bart, Berlin
St. Bart, Berlin


Is Berlin good for Natural Wine?

Yes, and no. Whilst Berlin may be a little behind other capital cities in regards to the range of natural wine and its distribution - there is for sure a solid scene here, led by a small handful of passionate importers bringing in quality bottles. Don’t expect the scene to be thriving like Copenhagen or Paris, but for sure expect to see some naturals on the hip restaurant menus and some great bottles if you know where to look…

Like the majority of importers who are foreign, credit for the natural wine awareness and progression in the city could strongly be argued as coming mostly from the many immigrants from around the world who have brought their innovative gastronomic ideas to Berlin, pushing boundaries compared to what was ‚Äėnormal‚Äô before and with a certain desire to always keep things improving.

In fact, quite a few are now often competing with each other to have the bottles no-one else in Berlin gets, by sourcing from importers based in other countries. Whilst good for consumers choice in the city, this increasing yet somewhat frowned-upon tactic, could prove concerning for the business of local importers in the future.

Perhaps that‚Äôs the thing with natural wine, isn‚Äôt it? It can become an obsession. After a few years of tasting, we‚Äôre all on the hunt for the next ‚Äėhigh‚Äô.

That feeling of sipping something unlike anything else. Squealing with delight as we spot rare bottles to devour. It‚Äôs somewhat surreal. Almost like we‚Äôre ‚ÄėChasing the Dragon‚Äô...

Maybe Berlin is Chasing the Dragon too.


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We currently have 28 bars, 32 restaurants and 26 wine shops listed in 1 cities in Berlin. Natural wine is a key indicator of where to find local, seasonal, organic, quality, and responsible products for all consumers, who want good wine and food without chemicals.

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We currently have 28 bars, 32 restaurants and 26 wine shops listed in Berlin, where you can be sure you'll find local, seasonal and organic food.

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