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We are Simon Tardieux and Jérôme Gal, two winegrowers associated since February 2021, in the continuity of “Courtault – Tardieux” founded in March 2009 by Alain Courtault and Simon Tardieux. Today, in March 2021, we cultivate 16.6 hectares of vines. All the plots are located in Thésée (wine-growing town on the right bank of the Cher, between Montrichard and Saint Aignan). Since 1998, the vineyard has been organically farmed and certified by Ecocert. Beyond that, Peasant Agriculture interests us and guides us regularly: product quality, work with nature, autonomy, transmissibility, distribution and local development. The estate is divided into four sectors. This allows different and complementary exposures and sunshine. And also to slightly dilute the risks of spring frosts and hail.



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Wines at Tardieux - Gal

Tradition - Tardieux - Gal - simon-tardieux-et-jerome-gal -2019
Tradition -2019
Gamay, Côt
Centre-Val de Loire


Voué Est - Tardieux Gal - simon-tardieux-et-jerome-gal -2020
Voué Est -2020
Cabernet Franc
Centre-Val de Loire


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