Thierry Schwartz – The Restaurant in Obernai !

For all of you who are into raw and natural produce, the approach of top chef Thierry Schwartz is spot on: “the product is just right on its own when presented with a natural elegance…”

An approach that works with the range of products (food, bread, wines) served up at his starred restaurant in Obernai, Thierry Schwartz – The Restaurant. A cuisine that’s 100% alive and natural, which uses ingredients from organic producers who are highly attuned to nature. Much to our pleasure, the wine list follows the same theme, as Thierry is a big supporter of the natural wine movement, with its wines lively and libres (free). The restaurant’s wine list contains one of the best (and biggest) selections of natural wines on the planet (more than 1,150 references and 15,000 bottles). An essential address for any self respecting lover of natural food and wine, and it’s no surprise that the Raisin sticker is there on display. 

PROVIDENCE by the ocean in Guethary!
Rais your glasses at the Ospizio Sottile refuge in Colle Valdobbia!

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