Les Ponts Blancs

Recrue des Sens - Yann Durieux

Aligoté - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - Vin de France

Les Ponts Blancs - Recrue des Sens - Yann Durieux
Chris @Chris - 08 Jul. 2020
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Niels Huijbregts 22 Jui. 2019
Niels Huijbregts

Oo I like your taste in wine!

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Delicious skin-contact Aligoté, firing on all cylinders.

Top one, open, intense and fruity. Absolutely clear nose, stone fruits, exotic fruits, yellow pear or apple, herbal notes like agave or aloe. Dry palate with great balance, medium acidity and pronounced saulty aftertaste.


Very nice maceration from Yann Durieux and very fresh Traverses from l'Anglore.

Wild , saulty with vegeterian / herbal notes , some yellow fruits . Palate is clear and fresh . If you ready for extreme - here you gonna get it !

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