Azienda Agricola La Biancara - Angiolino Maule

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Garg'n'Go - Azienda Agricola La Biancara - Angiolino Maule
mauricius1982 @mauricius1982 - 18 Feb. 2018
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Brett-lover 02 Mar. 2018

Such a wonderful pet nat,

winesymphony 24 Sep. 2017

Nice and interesting wine!

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Light and fresh, like summer in the bottle :)

THERE IS DANCE IN THE AIR .... If the bubbles amplify the perception of life it is thanks to LA BIANCARA by Angiolino Maule, Gambellara (VI). From pizza maker to Vigneron the "ferment" is a daily matter, the necessary and irreplaceable biodynamic ...   He is a charismatic and controversial person, a key figure in Italian natural wine, from Vini Veri to VinNatur ..... "Sforna" ... GARG'N’GO 2015 Garganega vinified in steel, bottled in March with must, re-fermented and aged with its yeasts. A bubble that shines with a vibrant mineral, of ripe fruit, wild flowers and malty fragrances, of citrus and honey, savory and tasty, smooth and lively.   Excellent as an aperitif, but with 4 years on its shoulders it acquires complexity and character, succeeding as if it were an umbilical cord to maintain a close bond with the Earth, its roots and its past ....... but also to sacrifice on the altar of the BLACK SABBATH, with the dance in the air amply amplified by "Air Dance"

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