Panorama, Histoires du vin naturel - Subtitled in Italian

April 24, 2023 - 0 comments

The excellent documentary "Panorama, Histoires du vin naturel" has been subtitled in Italian and will premiere at the natural wine fair Vini di Vignaioli in Bari on April 30th at the Kismet Theater at 6 pm. The entrance fee is 10€ and comes with a glass.

This film by Nicolas Desdouits, Olivier Camus and the young production team of Kestu, aims to document the history of natural wine from its origins to the present day, and also contribute to the movement towards a more sustainable viticulture.

The film features an impressive list of winemakers, including Pierre Overnoy, Jean Pierre Amoreau (Chateau Le Puy), Marcel Lapierre, Marie Lapierre, Matthieu Lapierre, Camille Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Alex Foillard, Jean Claude Chanudet, Yann Bertrand, Julien Bertrand, Bernard Valette (Domaine du Bois Noir), Anne Sophie Dubois, Nicolas Dubost, Dominique Derain, Marc Pesnot (Domaine de la Sénéchalière), Mark Angeli (La Ferme de la Sansonnière), Patrick Corbineau, Jean Pierre Robinot (Les Vignes de l'Angevin), Thierry and Jean-Marie Puzelat (Clos du Tue-Boeuf), Christian Chaussard (domaine Le Briseau), Pascal Potaire (Les Capriades), Alexandre Bain, Jean Baptiste Menigoz (les Bottes Rouges), Catherine Hannoun (Domaine de la Loue), Christian Binner, Robert Plageoles, Bernard Plageoles, Romain and Florent Plageoles, Jean François Nicq (Les Foulards Rouges), Jean Sébastien Gioan (Potron Minet), and Bernard Belhasen (Fontedicto).

The film also includes other important figures in the natural wine movement, such as Jules Chauvet, Alain Chapel, Jacques Néauport, Bernard Pontonnier, François Morel and Olivier Camus.

So if you are anywhere near Bari, don’t miss the chance to see this film!


Vini di Vignaioli
Vini di Vignaioli

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