GOOD NEWS FOR NATURAL WINEMAKERS… You can now create FREE and UNLIMITED QR Codes for all your wine bottles with Raisin!

May 17, 2024 - 3 comments

GOOD NEWS FOR NATURAL WINEMAKERS… You can now create FREE and UNLIMITED QR Codes for all your wine bottles with Raisin!Can a QR code tell you if a wine is natural or not ?
New EU regulations stipulate that winemakers must include a QR code listing their ingredients. The good news is that Raisin is offering a free QR code service to natural winemakers
So if you see a QR code with the Raisin logo in the middle, You can be sure the wine you're drinking is natural
Available for natural winemakers on

capitelcroce 04 Jun. 2024
Jean-Hugues Bretin 20 May. 2024
Jean-Hugues Bretin

@sikloswinery on our website:

sikloswinery 17 May. 2024

Hello guys, how can we apply for this please ? Cheers from Šiklóš Winery 🍷

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