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Domaine des Bodines

Emilie & Alexis Porteret

11 30 8361 KM

Created in 2010, the Domaine des Bodines is made up of 3ha in AOC Arbois and 20 ares in IGP vin de pays from Franche-Comté (at Buffard in Doubs). Our vines are worked in the old way (shallow plowing, regular work under the row) and only Bordeaux mixture, sulfur and nettle and horsetail herbal teas are used to fight vine diseases. Strict suckering and leaf removal are carried out in order to bring the grapes to maturity in good conditions. The harvest is done manually in 18 kg cases, the destemming is done manually using a screen. The winemaking takes place in a spirit of support: no yeasting, chaptalization or fining. A slight sulphiting is carried out during the harvest and the fermentations are carried out in pieces or in barrels.



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