3/4 Bianco

Sa Defenza - Pietro, Paolo & Anna Marchi

Vermentino, Semidano - Sardegna - Sardegna

3/4 Bianco - Sa Defenza - Pietro, Paolo & Anna Marchi
emwiechowska @emwiechowska - 16 Fév. 2022
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Un emozione di acidità, sottobosco .. albicocche nello spazio di testa della bottiglia, appena aperto .. .. a voi, le prossime esperienze: nasi e lingue diversi, certo; un vino ancora vivo che, mutando, ci sorprenderà .. qua, a Casa mia, a Modena ..

3/4 white 2018 Vermentino and Semidano SA DEFENZA @cantina_sa_defenza ———————————————- Fermentation and maceration in steel with the skins, 2 days for the Vermentino, 15 for the semidano, 1 year again in steel then bottle. An intriguing variety of aromas adorn the nose and mouth .... Citrus and plums, passion fruit and mango, helichrysum and Mediterranean scrub ... In the mouth the salt emerges in all its freshness combined with fruit, alcohol, wind, rock, sea ....... it dissolves leaving a salty and balsamic sensation .... An attacking midfielder who draws sinuous trajectories and greedy assists from that island or rather a small continent such as Sardinia, rich in colors, flavors and exclusive features .... The 3 brothers Marchi and "La Difesa" grant us their vineyard that communicates cleanly with the soil and subsoil, where the roots penetrate and feed on mineral salts, then transforming them into aromatic pearls such as 3/4 ... Sacrificed on the altar of the YAWNING MAN and their snowy herbaceous ... "Tumbleweeds in the snow" https://youtu.be/Q3Weip92Bno

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