Ca De Noci - Alberto & Giovanni Masini

Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile, Lambrusco di Montericco, Sgavetta - Emilia-Romagna - Vino rosso frizzante

Sottobosco - Ca De Noci - Alberto & Giovanni Masini
sroginson @sroginson - 17 Mar. 2018
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9.3 / $29 / very frizzante! Initially a little worried about a slight soggy cardboard smell. Was ready to toss it actually. But then the unexpected. I tasted one of the best lambrusco type wines I've ever had! Tannic but the bubbles provide some lightness. Super dry, very dark.... tastes like super dry, very dark grapes (with bubbles, duh) ;) Begging for a medium rare dry aged ribeye right now. And I just ate a giant heirloom tomato and a pound of mozzarella. But that was for a different wine. I need the bloody ribeye.

10,5 % vol Lambrusco au top du top Frais léger sec et surtout nature Excellent

Bone dry sparkling red. A strange wine but tasty as hell.

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