La Sorga - Antony Tortul

Carignan, Grenache - Occitanie - Vin de France

Sereibroc - La Sorga - Antony Tortul
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Un vin sauvage, pas dressé, qui laisse voir sa pulpe et qui soulève sa robe sombre. À boire en mode Glou

Sereibroc 2014 (La Sorga) 90% Carignan & 10% Grenache Noir 🍇 ▫️ There is a funny story to read about this wine! It's name "Sereibroc" is Corbieres spelled backwards. This because of: "winemaker Antony Tortul was approached by the Corbieres AOC officials with his bottle of Corbieres and told him to pay up on the tax for using the appellation on the bottle. Tortul, told the AOC to get lost citing that if he pays tax to the AOC he doesn’t get reward out of it. So he took Corbieres off the bottle, and reversed the name" 🤘😆🤘 ▫️ It is a cool wine made from really old vines (Carignan 112 years & Grenache Noir 65 years), that give it a rough character that really fits with the story. It is dominant and stands firm. There is not much in the nose here, and that is a bit unexpected actually. It smells a bit musty, old yeast with "salty air". But in the mouth it is pretty complex, deep and concentrated. A lot of old dried grapes, prunes, some figs and herbs. It is quite tannic and has the neccecary balanced fresh, fruity sours. ▫️ Sweetness: dry, Acidity: medium+, Tannin: high, Body: full, Finish: long ▫️ Rating: 😣 [* * * * * * ⭐ * * *] 😁 ▫️ ➡️ More wines on my Instagram:

Un idéal pour accompagner des Fatitas et ressentir les terres du sud de la France.

Corbières version la Sorga. Très jolie réussite. Du fruits, des notes animales, du cuir, du fumé, de la garrigue. Délicieux après 2h de carafage

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