Love and Pif

Recrue des Sens - Yann Durieux

Aligoté - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Love and Pif - Recrue des Sens - Yann Durieux
mikifalcone @mikifalcone - 13 Jun. 2021
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mikifalcone 13 Jun. 2021

Fresh and mineral

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Would u like start the New Year with good wine?

2015 Légère Oxydation, Mais qui a gardé une belle vivacité.

A SOLITARY MAN ...... He has nowhere to go ... He never greets ..... Do not fraternize with anyone .... He doesn't seem happy .... He hides himself .... far away Keeps his life sealed ... An exiled prisoner .... He must live his life ... And just let it go .... Fantastic if he will be happy when he dies .... He is an enigmatic child ... Or is he just a lonely man ......................... LOVE AND PIF 2014 Recrue des Sens -Hautes Côtes De Nuit-Aligoté The minor Burgundy, the weak one, the discarded one, the marginalized one deservedly demands space and respect. Yann Durieux is one of the youngest and toughest emerging Vignerons in Burgundy, he embarks on his lonely road after 10 years of service at Prieuré-Roch, creating absolute masterpieces one after the other. A surprisingly deep and particular Aligoté, Zagara, pear juice, almond, cedar, brackish and iodized, spicy and rich in minerality. Fresh and carefree, overpowering acidity, its slightly peppery and markedly bitter finish allows for continuous compulsive drinking. Welcome Aligoté, thanks Yann Durieux, from rising star to a certain and established Talent as were the Black Sabbath in "Loner"

Le love pour la rondeur les fleurs le pif pour le citronné juste dingue énorme fou 😍

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