Pinot Noir

Christian Binner - Christian Binner

Pinot Noir - Grand Est - AOC Alsace

Pinot Noir - Christian Binner - Christian Binner
infrarouge @infrarouge - 28 Jul. 2020
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Le bonheur en bouteille!

Bello selvatico con una pulizia notevole,la bottiglia di finisce subito!!!

😊 to check 👊

This is everything and more. It is fresh but its getting those nice layers of age, it is sour cherry juice from my grandma’s pantry, it is balsamic, it is roasted artichoke on grill, it is summer and winter, spring and autumn, leaves, strawberry, mushrooms. How can something run a million dimensions only to create one perfect one?

Gros gros coup de cœur !! Sauvagerie et élégance, fruit et fond. Et ce dès l'ouverture. Du grand art

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