VN Vinel-lo Blanco

Partida Creus - Massimo Marchiori & Antonella Gerosa

Grenache Blanc, Macabeu, Moscatel, Pansé, Parrellada, Vinyater, Xarel-lo - CT

VN Vinel-lo Blanco - Partida Creus - Massimo Marchiori & Antonella Gerosa
fernandesrenato @fernandesrenato - 04 Apr. 2020
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heb 04 Mar. 2019

Bu à Barcelone ce week-end, un régal !

zac 04 Mar. 2019

Une merveille !

Douglas Lyle Thompson 06 Jan. 2019
Douglas Lyle Thompson

My favorite wine on planet earth. Ever ever ever.

Xoph 01 Oct. 2018

Belle découverte

Olivia MANN 18 Apr. 2017
Olivia MANN

Leurs vins sont aussi géniaux qu'eux !!

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First natural white I can really say I’ve had, and it definitely has left me wanting more. Very interesting sediment left behind, thought it was shreds of cork at first, after more scrupulous inspection it was determined to be sediment not cork. Farmhouse hay etc., drank it a few days ago so some of my uneducated tasting notes are lost on me now.

Vibrant field blend from Catalan, honeysuckle all up in there. Earthy, funky, light and tight!

Partida Creus a natural wine rock star. Describing his VN with a single word: funky. Usually Spanish white wines are high in alcohol and sedate. Taste this wine and you will have a total different impression of Spanish white wine. . 🍷 VN Vinel Lo 👨‍🌾 Partida Creus 🎨 White, unfiltered 🍇 Garnacha blanca, Macabeo, Moscatel, Pansé, Parellada, Vinyater, Xarel-lo 🌍 Catalunya, Spain 👃 Yellow fruit, Yeast, Anise, Fennel, Citrus 😋 High acidity, full power of fruits, spicy

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