Le Phacomochère

La Sorga - Antony Tortul

Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault - Occitanie - Vin de France

Le Phacomochère - La Sorga - Antony Tortul
François @François - 10 Sep. 2017
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REFLECTIVE MONDAY.   From the planet La Sorga in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, in the south of France, #antonytortul forges and quenches the sublime and supreme freshness of some 30 different wines in a natural way.   LA PHACOMOCHERE ROUGE 2015 LA SORGA #lasorga   Vineyards about 45 years old, 80% Syrah, maceration and fermentation with whole cluster and 20% Cinsault de-stemmed, 70 days in contact with the skins, then 10 months in cement tanks.   An inviting and fragrant ethereal nose of violet and violet immediately impacts, in sequence then small red fruits, earth, grass and spices.   Enter the mouth nervous and kicking, wild and captivating, acidity and minerality in evidence, free-range tannins, tobacco, smoked, pepper and cinnamon lead to a slightly funky, salty and bitter finish.   Antonio Tortul's wines and labels convey enthusiasm, each vintage is made with equal passion.   Clear, well-defined and fascinating, wines of solar pleasure, freshness and drinkability without being without complexity. irresistible   From Bordeaux an alien Psycho / Stoner / SpaceBlues band like MARS RED SKY with "Strong Reflection"   https://youtu.be/VYb-M0Msdvo

Du poivre ! J'adore, vin puissant, du grand Anthony Tortul !

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