What is Raisin?

What is Raisin?

Natural wine: it is a state of mind, a way of discovering and drinking wine unlike any other. Because natural wine is our passion, and in order to make life easier for everyone involved, from the winegrower to the consumer, we created Raisin, the application devoted to natural wine.

An application for sharing, exchanging, and finding natural wines, anywhere in the world! A guide, a directory, a community.

Amazing features on the way!


Easily find bars, restaurants and wine shops close to you in France and soon worldwide


Keep up to date with all the latest news and upcoming events around natural wine

Winemakers *

Index of natural winemakers’ includes : vintage, region, label of origin, grape variety and color.

Share *

Publish photos of natural wines and anything else you want to share!


Easily keep track of all the natural wines you enjoyed!

Connect *

Connect with the community of natural wine fans

* Coming May 1st, 2016 as additional features to the app.

Raisin is currently available only on iPhone (iOS 8 & 9).

Thank you for installing Raisin,

Raisin Team