Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg: discover the best 12 bars, 15 restaurants and 5 natural wine shops. Eat well and drink well, just like a local!

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We currently have 12 bars, 15 restaurants and 5 wine shops listed in Saint Petersburg, where you can be sure you'll find local, seasonal and organic food.

Atelier Tapas&Bar

Atelier Tapas&Bar -

4 0 7219 KM

Bar Restaurant

Atelier Tapas&Bar is a bar and restaurant in Saint Petersburg with a 30% minimum natural wine in their offer. At Atelier Tapas&Bar, you'll find local, seasonal, and most often organic food and plenty of delicious natural wines.

Big Wine Freaks

Big Wine Freaks -

14 4 7219 KM


Big Wine Freaks is a bar in Saint Petersburg with at least 30% natural wine, a selection of organic and biodynamic wines vinified naturally.


BeefZavod -

8 0 7220 KM

Bar Restaurant

Y a pas de mais

Ласточки - Lastochki

Ласточки - Lastochki -

1 0 7220 KM

Bar Restaurant Wine shop

Wine bar with exclusive wines, weekend program and full menu.

На Вина! Бар&шоп

На Вина! Бар&шоп -

15 3 7220 KM

Bar Wine shop

Organic, biodynamic & natural wines.


Cococo -

1 0 7221 KM

Bar Restaurant

Cococo restaurant is a new presentation of Russian cuisine. Everything here is devoted to a long-standing principle - working…

all Seasons

all Seasons -

2 0 7222 KM


Author's seasonal cuisine and natural wine.

Tre Bicchieri Saint-Petersbourg

Tre Bicchieri Saint-Petersbourg -

6 3 7222 KM

Bar Restaurant Wine shop

Clandestine restaurant only for 20 per, real gastronomic place, were basic is classic and the classic is definitely modern. Un…

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