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I started approaching the world of wine in 2015 when, almost by chance, I went to have a work experience with Francesco Guccione. I immediately fell in love with this job and the lifestyle between the countryside and the cellar and we still work together today. In 2018 I decide to make my own wine, I had the desire to interpret a white grape variety of Sicilian origins so I choose to vinify Grecanico (most likely brought by the Greeks to Sicily 400 years BC). The vineyard has an extension of 6 hectares and is located in Contrada Pietralunga between San Cipirello and Corleone at about 400 meters above sea level, all cultivated and certified organic. The soil is mainly composed of clay and silt with a small amount of sand. The cultivation is of the espalier type with Guyot pruning. The harvest usually takes place in mid-September. The grapes are harvested by hand in 20kg boxes and taken to the cellar and processed within a few hours of harvesting. The grapes are mechanically destemmed and pressed with a soft press before waiting for its spontaneous fermentation to start in the steel silos. Fermentation usually starts during the next 12-48 hours and lasts 10-15 days depending on the temperature of the year. During the aging in the tank for about a year, the minimum number of rackings are made to ensure the separation of the lees and any deposits with the utmost attention not to oxidize the wine. Before bottling, approx. 30 mg/l of sulfur dioxide.



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