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Panduro Vinos Murcia

Ibon Apezteguia & Henrik Falk

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Panduro is the shared dream of two friends, Henrik Falk and Ibon Apezteguia, who begin to make their first wines in a nomadic way and in collaboration with producer friends in Mallorca and Jumilla, using their infrastructure and selecting grapes from local farmers they get to know. Self-taught and always well advised by this circle of viticulturists that surrounds them, they are about to bottle their fourth vintage. “We make minimally intervened wines and we aspire to express what the terroir gives us, honestly and with little fanfare. We like well-made wines and we are inspired by both experimentation and tradition. We vinify what we like to drink”. 2021 marks a turning point in his project with the final acquisition of his own Plots. A small plot of old vines from Callet and Mantonegro, in the town of Felanitx, Mallorca, and the vineyard that gives the project its name, Panduro. 10 hectares of Monastrell over 60 years old in Yecla.



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