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The « mythical » Pierre Overnoy took over the family estate in 1968; The Pierre Overnoy estate is established in the small village of Pupillin located in the village of Pupillin. à 3 km south of Arbois in the Jura, and Pierre Overnoy particularly distinguished himself. by vinifying its wines without adding sulfur; from 1984, to the point of becoming an icon of « natural wines ». It was the physicist Jules Chauvet, talented taster and father of the natural wine movement, who inspired him with his cutting-edge approach and introduced him to the winemaking practices to which he remained accustomed. faithful. The estate could have experienced a completely different future, because without descendants and aged 64 years old, Pierre Overnoy chose to pass the baton in 2001 to; Emmanuel Houillon, whom he considered as his spiritual son, and who worked on at his side since 1989. The succession was a success, and Emmanuel Houillon, accompanied by by his wife Anne, today perpetuates the work of his « mentor » at the Pierre Overnoy estate, and the wines are in continuity with the of those of Pierre Overnoy.

Discreet and perfectionist, Emmanuel Houillon today manages 6 hectares of biodynamic vines on this magnificent terroir. The white Juras are at; strong personality, with a wide aromatic palette that can present impressive aging potential. It must be said that the very long aging (in barrels sometimes up to 9 years, with topping up as for the 2000 and 2003 vintages), gives them a smooth texture and majestic oxidation. The 2014 Chardonnay offers a material of remarkable fullness in the context of the vintage, a sensuality of its own. (fresh butter) immediately penetrated by a sharp acidity. sharp, sovereign, inevitably identified as belonging to the Jura. The red Jura wines with their sparkling colors are silky, fresh and creamy. The red of Poulsard, àgrave; the characteristic orange color, offers a captivating scent of dried flowers and candied citrus fruits, prolonged by the fragrance. by a fine and perfectly ripe tannic structure.

For those who know little about the estate, lovers of great wines will be delighted to taste these extraordinary vintages, pure, lively, and with formidable precision



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