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In Argentina discover 4 bars, 2 restaurants listed in cities, where you'll find local seasonal most often organic food and natural wines. Eat and drink well, just like locals is our promise!

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We currently have 4 bars, 2 restaurants and listed in 1 cities in Argentina. Natural wine is a key indicator of where to find local, seasonal, organic, quality, and responsible products for all consumers, who want good wine and food without chemicals.

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Vereda Adentro

Vereda Adentro -

2 0 8381 KM


Vereda Adentro is a bar in Buenos Aires with at least 30% natural wine, a selection of organic and biodynamic wines vinified naturally.


Lardito -

1 0 8385 KM

Bar Restaurant Wine shop

Lardito is a bar, restaurant and wine shop in Buenos Aires with a 30% minimum natural wine in their offer. At Lardito, you'll find local, seasonal, and most often organic food and plenty of delicious natural wines.

Pain et Vin

Pain et Vin -

9 4 8386 KM

Bar Wine shop

Cute wine bar and shop! Natural wine by the glass

A Nos Amours

A Nos Amours -

9 3 8386 KM

Bar Restaurant

ouvert depuis 2008 produit biologique s vin argentins sans souffre levures indigènes

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