Pyramide Purus

Weingut Trossen - Rita & Rudolf Trossen

Riesling - Rhineland-Palatinate

Pyramide Purus - Weingut Trossen - Rita & Rudolf Trossen
wine.clement @wine.clement - 31 Dec. 2017
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Insane Riesling from Mosel by Rita and Rudolf Trossen ! Deep and powerful nose on orange skin, baked apple, pine tree resine, clove, laurel... dry and intense palate with a straight acidity, bitterness, fleshy texture, and a slightly oxidative long finish ! It's evident that the totally natural winemaking is dominating over the grape features but the terroir is definitely here bringing tension and salinity. And what a wine ! A bit shocking Riesling and that's a real pleasure to drink this coming from such a conservative and traditional wine region !

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Hard to believe it’s riesling. Very complex and deep. Riped apples and citrus. Long and balanced.

Really well balanced. Acidic, tannic, full, fresh citrus on the nose, floral notes as it opens up, slight effervescence from the residual sugar.

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