Azienda Agricola Ricci Carlo Daniele - Daniele Ricci

Barbera - Piedmont - Piemonte

Castellania - Azienda Agricola Ricci Carlo Daniele - Daniele Ricci
sandropoletti @sandropoletti - 16 Mar. 2020
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BY BIKE WITH ORFEO .... AND COUPLES ... ------------- In Castellania the light of the sun goes down .... There is a beauty in this place that I could never deny ..... There is a wind blowing strongly in this stony ground .... Makes waving clothes hung out to dry .... There are minute wren, inspirational, graceful and nocturnal muses that twirl with their persuasive wings ... drawing author's frames ..... While I fight for a life perspective that changes between darkness and shadow lights in infinite expanses of well-being, internal peace and relaxation ... Orpheus sleeps on my back ... His lyre or zither sounds so sweet that the rivers stop to listen ... Orpheus is a Dionysian figure in harmony with the natural world, with an intimate understanding of the cycle and regeneration of life in nature ..... There are also bottles that tumble down the stairs ..... I try to catch some of them, but many of them break ..... I'll take one .... and how Orpheus promotes with skill and delight a clean world, also Daniele Ricci, THE TIMORASSO MAN, @cascinasanleto it does it with CASTELLANIA 2012 Barbera from old vineyards, marl soil, macerates and ferments for 15 days in submerged cap, 24 months in exhausted barriques, 48 ​​in bottle. Dark berries, spices, mushroom, foxy, tobacco, gentle tannins, mineral acidity, tertiary notes and harmony in one sip. A lively, vibrant, earthy, territorial drink, incisive and rustic at the same time elegant, a balance between sublime freshness and envelopment .... as enveloping and sublime is the singing of David Sylvian in "Orpheus".