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Pinot Gris - California - Anderson Valley

Ramato - Donkey & Goat - Jared & Tracey Brandt
raemarie @raemarie - 19 Feb. 2019
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These are some of my favourite wines!! Their Pinot Gris and their Roussanne are some of the most interesting and Alive natural wines that I ever tried!This Pinot Gris is best served an hour or so out of the fridge, and enjoyable with or without food. Every bottle will be a different experience, and you can taste the effort and soul that goes into these wines!

Medium bodied, maceración with the skins, orange color. Biodynamic, unfiltered. Interesting!

ramato gris grown in gravel & clay loam, textural light silly, drank out of paper cups at the rave, flanked by dark angels

Very delicate and nuanced. Almost total absence of fruit, notes of whiskey, earth, and herbs. Versatile and craving food!

Good things coming out of California.

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