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Chardonnay 70% Pinot Nero 30% - Lombardia

Quattrocento - Nicola Gatta - Metodo Classico - Nicola Gatta
pankasboccia @pankasboccia - 21 Feb. 2024
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QUATTROCENTO extra brut @nicola_gatta_metodo_classico 70% Chardonnay 30% Pinot Noir - 40 moons on the lees, ... mainly vintage 2015 with the addition of reserves 2013/2014 Disgorgement 9/19 .... 0 added sulphites. A very thin perlage, a creamy and exuberant foam, an evolved, slightly oxidative, not sweet nose, a ripe nose, citrus, citron, lychee, passion fruit, white flowers, bitter almond .... In the mouth the oxidative evolutionary notes completely change, it becomes dry, dry and sharp, almost chalky, an explosion in the mouth of freshness and salinity, with a brackish finish. A vital wine, a wine that restores .... a healthy and sincere drink where the matrix ... the terroir dominates, demands and sets the law. The producer attentive to all that provides transparency, legitimacy and belonging to the territory allows us quarantenati to drink clean, healthy but above all uncorrupted. NICOLA GATTA the Natural soul of Franciacorta grants us the privilege of drinking a tight, direct, vertical and incisive bubble ..... very far from the classics of Franciacorta .... Franciacorta that slips away ... that uncouples ... that demands respect ... That slips away with MAD SEASON and Marc Lanegan with "Slip Away" https://youtu.be/G8g_7CDwbmI

Molto buono, minerale - S.F. con Emme -

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