A Demûa

Cascina degli Ulivi - Filippo Mammone & Ilaria Bellotti

Riesling, Verdea, Bosco, Timorassa, Moscatella - Piemonte - Vino bianco

A Demûa - Cascina degli Ulivi - Filippo Mammone & Ilaria Bellotti
kriss @kriss - 30 Jul. 2017
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Du grand art de bellotti. Bouche pleine, léger oxidatif, finale un peu saline. Superbe.

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Dolce Follia

Marcel de Cocq 19 May. 2019
Marcel de Cocq

Yes, it is sad 🙁

IlMarchesediGanda 19 May. 2019

..sorry.. Stefano (r.i.p.)

Marcel de Cocq 19 May. 2019
Marcel de Cocq

@IlMarchesediGanda thank you, cheers ! 🙂

IlMarchesediGanda 19 May. 2019

Fine to find a fan of Sergio wines ! Great review..

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Fantastically well balanced. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Demûa Bianco 2013 (Cascina Degli Ulivi - Stefano Bellotti) Riesling, Verdea, Timorassa & Moscatella from 100-year old vines 🍇 ▫️ Haven't seen an orange with this orange-bronze color depth before, amazing. It is an experience on its own, smelling this wine is feels like an ongoing adventure that plays the senses and triggers dormant parts of the brain. ▫️ It has a really impressive intense, concentrated depth for it's age. There are forward deep and warm tones of wood followed by a strong Sherry association. Then: raisins, almonds, a lot of dried figs, apples and prunes. There is some dried stone fruit too, but not primarily. ▫️ There is some spiciness in the direction of turmeric and remotely maybe some nutmeg. Also smoked tea like elements play around while a remote vegetal hint of moss brings images of a forest to the mind. ▫️ When it gets some time to breathe and to open up, nice fresh herbs shape its Italian character further. ▫️ For a relatively young wine, it feels very aged and complex, with rustic olive like bitters, but at the same time it is juicy with really nice sours and a good mouth feel, because smooth and pleasent tannins give it a nice structure. All together also perfectly in balance. ▫️ Extra facts I found online: "A mix of white grapes from 100-year old vines in the Tassarola vineyard (Riesling, Verdea, Timorassa, Moscatella). Stefano had always made A Demûa as an “orange wine”, but in 2013, he experimented with leaving the grapes on the skins for 9 months (a pregnancy term) instead of 3. Surprisingly, the skins pulled color and structure out of the wine." ▫️ It is also a completely different experience than the 2014, so I'm happy to have this 2013 and can tell the difference 🙂 ▫️ Decanting this wine is advisable, it needs some time. ▫️ Sweetness: dry. Acidity: high. Tannin: low. Body: medium. Finish: medium+ ▫️ Rating: 😣 [* * * * * * * * ⭐ *] 😁 ▫️ ➡️ More wines on my Instagram: @marcel.de.cocq

Fantastic balance on this heavily macerated blend from Bellotti.

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