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Syrah - South Australia

Ralph's - Jauma Wine - Denise & James Erskine
keigods @keigods - 31 Mar. 2023
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TREES ..... and vineyards ... 1200 cherry trees on the Adelaide hills cultivated in a natural and organic way, together with Shiraz vineyards and little Grenache is the JAUMA estate founded by James Erskine with the help of Fiona Wood who working shoulder to shoulder give birth to this JAUMA Ralph's Clarendon Shiraz 2018. Roses, fresh plum, wet earth, chlorophyll, spices, brilliant acidity, a soft tannin and a funky contour make up the gustolfactory framework of this Shiraz vinified in whole bunch, not de-stemmed in carbonic maceration. A simple and drinkable drink, vibrant and true, graceful and undemanding, but which after a "Pandemic Running Wednesday" refreshes and compensates for the loss of liquids and scrotal breaks. Complete this drunken drink the track "Trees" by the Australian band Melbourne fichy psyco / heavy / space / blues by CHILD. https://youtu.be/p7cMAkZKNss

Decent, complex Grenache from Jauma, but needs 45mins - 1h decanting (at least outside Australia).

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