Demontre - Celler La Gutina - Barbara Magugliani & Joan Carles Torres
josebaBeltz @josebaBeltz - 30 Jun. 2021
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DEMONTRE 2017 @cellerlagutina #catalonya ------------- 7 ha. between vineyards, olive groves, woods and land of granite conformation, the Italian Barbara and Juan Carlos run a "Finca" farm, respecting the territory and rural identity. DEMONTRE ... 80% garnacha negra, 20% carinena, (25% whole bunch). Blackberries, blueberries, black cherries, dehydrated plums, clay, wet red earth, aromatic bushes, violets and spicy residues. A pulpy, tasty and intense sip, velvety, soft tannins, a deep harmony between fruit, freshness, salinity and minerality makes it balanced and harmonious ...... a slightly bitter finish as much as sweet and fleshy. A wine not exactly summery, a juicy and concentrated drink, but certainly a wine that leaves a nice olfactory taste in the mind of anyone who appropriates it. MOTHER LOVE BONE left their mark with their astronomical "Stargazer"

Sapore a salino nonostante sia a Berlino!

Palais Timide S'abstenir... Ce Vin Ne Fait Pas De Manière Et S'exprime À Plein Goulot !

Du fruit, du fruit, garnacha negra, zéro zéro, des amours de vignerons, la Catalogne, de la convivialité... Un bonheur de vin, de la bonne humeur dans le verre, une potion qu'il fait bon de partager !!!

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