Ca De Noci - Alberto & Giovanni Masini

Spergola - Emilia-Romagna - IGT Emilia

Querciole - Ca De Noci - Alberto & Giovanni Masini
jamcity @jamcity - 27 Oct. 2018
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Dieter Jochinger 05 Aug. 2018
Dieter Jochinger

oh yes, it's really great with food, but also without. very nice by day, and charming in the early evening. not yet for breakfast, but could imagine it's a great start for the weekend 😉 just too small that bottle...

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Dry acidic frizzante trouble mmmmm

9.2 / $25 / louis dressner / I am a sucker for italian frizzante wines. You know, the ones that have just a tiny amount bubbles. This is one of the ones that neither has a champagne cork or a crown cap. Always a nice surprise to uncork one of these and find some bubbles. A little skin contact here too, but not much. Raisin defaulted to white, but I think you could call this an orange wine, so I switched it. Raisin also defaulted to sparkling, but I'd put this on the very close border between sparkling and still. So.... we have a slightly sparkling, slightly orange wine here. It's lovely. Nice tannic quality of an orange wine, while retaining a good bit of acidity not usually associated with skin contact white grapes. Bitterness of citrus peels, floral aroma, malolactic acidity, tannic mouthfeel and body. A nice balance of a lot of strong components. This wine would pair perfectly with northern Indian food, Ethiopian food, creole style gumbo, moles, etc. I tried this without a good pairing, but am dying to bring this to my favorite byob Indian restaurant.

emilia romagna frizzante. funky. hold on to ca' de noci!

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