Blanc De Blancs

Nicola Gatta - Metodo Classico - Nicola Gatta

Chardonnay - Lombardia

Blanc De Blancs - Nicola Gatta - Metodo Classico - Nicola Gatta
gatta @gatta - 20 Apr. 2020
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BLANC de BLANCS NICOLA GATTA @nicola_gatta_metodo_classico 100% Chardonnay, 50 months on the lees. Mainly vintage 2014 with additions of 2013-2012-2011, no SO2 added. Great structure of this Nature, from a difficult, rainy, poor and skinny year, Chardonnay relies on the soil, which manages to give its maximum limestone and mineral expression. Less fruit certainly conferred by the grapes, but the minerality and above all acidity of the great terroir, already on the nose rock and stone, limestone similar to chalk. In the mouth it is large and engaging, mature and complex, an almost tannic rocky astringency, salty and tense like a scalpel, less round and enveloping but certainly more direct and vertical ... The hand of Nicola saber supernova of extraordinary sumptuousness, beauty and majesty even in complicated years ..... the certification of its territory is tangible and rewarding .... the territory is good and not corrupt .... .......... as always he knows how to stand out ......... And to stand out are also the AUDIOSLAVE with their rocky "Like a Stone"

Metodo classico, Chardonnay, 50 mesi sui lieviti. Al naso sprigiona odore di mandorla tostata, fiori bianchi e intensi, mentre in bocca alla bolla fine e persistente si notano sentori di burro e pasticceria, che vengono “puliti” da un’acidità fresca e dissetante.

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