Perdu Dans Les Dunes

Le Bouc à Trois Pattes - Wim Wagemans

Chardonnay - Languedoc - Vin de France

Perdu Dans Les Dunes - Le Bouc à Trois Pattes - Wim Wagemans
blijewijnen @blijewijnen - 30 Apr. 2017
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Soft smooth white wine.

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Blije Wijnen

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2020 still nice

Perdu dans les Dunes 2017 (Le Bouc À Trois Pattes) 100% Grenache blanc 🍇 ▫️ Perdu dans les Dunes has concentrated, luscious tropical tones of dried fruit with gentle citrus elements, some pleasant tea like bitters and a touch of spices. Almost a month of skin contact give it a really nice tannic mouthfeel, that still is kind of smooth, but it also already has a really nice body for such a young Orange wine. With just the right (medium+) acidity it has good balance too. All together a really nice, outstanding wine with cool complexity and with great length. ▫️ It is funny that "Perdu dans les Dunes" actually has an image of a three legged camel (probably referring to the "lost in the dunes" name of the wine), which nicely connects to the "Trois Pattes" theme of the Domaine. Le Bouc à Trois Pattes means “The Three-Legged Goat” which was named after a mass produced supermarket wine that had a sheep with five legs in its design. ▫️ To talk a bit more about Le Bouc à Trois Pattes Orange wines: "Perdu dans les Dunes" has, surprisingly, already much more depth and body than the "Für Fritz 2017", where I wrote about a while ago here. "Für Fritz", which I tasted again just a few weeks back, has really good fresh tropical- and stone- fruit nose power, but can still use some time for body development, in my opinion. I am especially surprised because these wines have same age. Really interesting to experience the difference in grape character between the macerated Riesling from "Für Fritz" and the macerated Grenache Blanc from this "Perdu dans les Dunes", for me a next level wine by Wim Wagemans! ▫️ ➡️ More wines on my Instagram:

Bon et surprenant

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