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Vitovska - Zidarich - Benjamin Zidarich
bamibro @bamibro - 03 Feb. 2018
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Bellissima sapidità minerale con il frutto che esce pian piano ! Decisamente buona!

ZIDARICH Vitovska 2016 @zidarichh ——————————————— Fermentation and maceration on the skins in open vats, aging 2 years in large Slavonian oak barrels. ——————————————— Reserved just opened, but when it lies down and stretches it tells of white peaches and juicy ripe pear pulp, of cut grass, flowers and medicinal herbs, in a windy and brackish sea generous handfuls of sweet spices ... It envelops the palate with harmony and delicacy, slender and firm, subtle but with character, dry and charismatic ... freshness and material in evidence anticipate a deep and mineral spicy closure, in memory of the stone from which the grapes are born. KARST ....... this is probably the most spectacular wine area in the region, for biodiversity, for landscape and above all for the incredible rocky soils. From the very little red earth and limestone, the fatigue of the vine is transmitted to the wine. Very limited production but of great value, long sacrifices and long waits give us style and beauty from this difficult and uncomfortable viticulture. But few sacrifices and no waiting allow me to enjoy it with IGGY and THE STOOGES with "I'm sick of you" ......

Une vitovska de grande volée, qui s'ouvre sur des notes légèrement salines et se poursuit sur une fine amertume.

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