Cuvée Le Danseuse

Bainbridge & Cathcart - Toby & Julie Bainbridge

Grolleau - Pays de la Loire - Vin de France

Cuvée Le Danseuse - Bainbridge & Cathcart - Toby & Julie Bainbridge
antrim24 @antrim24 - 21 Aug. 2017
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Perfect for breakfast or brunch!!

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9.2 / $30 / zero / Selected by Fifi / First of all, this wine, bottle, and label are just lovely. The color of the wine is just the most perfect pink. Completely devoid of tannins, this bright, sharp, and very cleanly acidic. Taking a deep nose of this, I'm reminded of big red soda, which is the soft drink if choice to go with barbecue in Texas, where i currently reside. Also a bit of mint. Tastes are green apple first and foremost, with some strawberry, hay, fresh herbs (mint, basil, tarragon), and a little bubblegum. Bubbles are perfectly tight and produce little burps where you can really take it all in. 😉. Apparently this winemaker bought some old vines and is fairly new to the game. Dang, feels like hitting a home run at your first at bat. Way to go Toby! This wine rocks. Straight summer banger. Get some bbq (no sauce) and pop a cork. Cheers

So darned drinkable, especially at 11.5% ABV. What a pleasure to drink!

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