La Ferme du Vert - Jacques & Jérôme Galaup

Mauzac - Occitanie - Vin Mousseaux Brut de Qualité

L'AngeLou - La Ferme du Vert - Jacques & Jérôme Galaup
annastaes @annastaes - 09 Sep. 2019
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100% Mauzac, Brut Nature. Nez pommes vertes avec des notes de thé vert. Au palais c'est très vif et minéral, clairement sur des arômes de pommes. Il y a pas mal de matière, un caractère bien affirmé et beaucoup de fraîcheur. Finale longue, minérale et salivante. Très chouette!

Très rafraîchissant. Des 🍏et des bulles.

Well it’s kinda like TopoChico and Champagne had a baby and it got some street smarts. It’s dry and super bubbly and I kind of like it after a long boring day at home. I’m not sure the taste it leaves but I remember that Avon Hello Sunshine cologne when I was little and I want to say it holds a mild faint memory of that in my mouth. I’m a fan just cause it’s got a lot of spunk. I’m okay with bold character.

7.1 / $28 / Camille Riviere Selection / Big aggressive bubbles, which i like, but they quickly dissipate. Starts out like a Topo Chico and quickly becomes a San Pellegrino, if that makes sense. Green apple notes with a little saltiness on the back end. I'm not familiar with this varietal, Mauzac, but from what I've read it's typically used to produce semi sweet sparkling wines. Not the case here, this wine is extremely bone dry, very little residual sugar. It's definitely a little one note in the flavor profile, you could easily convince someone that this dry cider. Crushable, but lacks character. I don't hate it, i don't love it. Maybe I'd be more enthusiastic in the late spring at a cookout with a group of friends, where a non challenging wine fits in fine. But it's the first day of a cold damp spring in this new social distancing world and this sucker is just not all that exciting. I'll give it another try in a couple months and report back.

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