Lambert Perera Cortés - Sans Domaine Vin

August 14, 2023 - 0 comments

Lambert Perera Cortés embarked on his viticulture journey in Quebec in 2019, where he and his partner Mickael started with just two small vines, one Seyval blanc and one Pinot Gris. Their passion for natural wine had been burning for quite some time, driven in part by the influence of Raisin, a source of inspiration encountered around 5 or 6 years ago. In 2019, an opportunity presented itself for Lambert and Mickael to work with two small vineyards in Llorenç del Penedès, Spain, which they eagerly embraced as a thrilling challenge. Sans Domaine Vin was born.

Lambert Perera Cortés remains captivated by the wine world and continuously deepens his knowledge and enthusiasm. From the beginning, his intention has been to work closely with the land, treating it with the utmost respect. In today's challenging times, Lambert believes that this respect is an absolute imperative. The quality of the soil and plants should take precedence over production, as neglecting them would ultimately result in the loss of both. Lambert's ideal vision involves nurturing the land's resurgence and providing it with unwavering companionship to bring forth the finest fruits it has to offer.

Lambert also has a grape leather production project called Vinoleather, which originated from the collaboration between Lambert and two former students he mentored during the 2019-2020 academic year (Lambert also specialises in new materials and bio-materials). Initially, the students aimed to create "clean leather" but faced significant technical obstacles that required substantial investments. It was then that an Italian shoemaker, who also owned large vineyards, that proposed the idea of experimenting with grapes. This innovative approach yielded remarkable results, and the company now produces approximately 300 square meters of grape leather annually, with promising potential for growth! In fact, there is a collaboration with a well known shoe brand coming soon!

Wear the vinoleather, try the wines and support this innovative winemaker, you won’t be disappointed!

Lambert Perera Cortés
Lambert Perera Cortés
Domaine Sans Vin
Domaine Sans Vin


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