Bubbly Knight 3.0 by Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel

July 10, 2023 - 0 comments

Have you tried Bubbly Knight? It's the perfect pet nat accompaniment for sunny days. The wine has a vivid, cloudy yellow color and fine bubbles that dance on the palette, leaving plenty of room for the wine's flavor.

The taste is similar to fresh lemonade, with a tart acidity that quenches thirst and flavors of kumquat, lime zest, and pomelo.

Bubbly Knight is part of Domaine VSN's selection of wines produced with their favorite winemakers from around Europe. This one was made by Michal Kacetl from Mackovice, Czech Republic. The wine is handpicked, fermented spontaneously in stainless steel tanks, bottled with 5 g/l of residual sugar, and is unfiltered with no added sulphites.

It's worth mentioning that Michal Kacetl's other passion is horse riding, and he often performs as a stuntman in movies and TV shows on his horse. Hence the name, Bubbly Knight!

This wine is a fantastic addition to Domaine VSN's collection of natural wines. If you get the chance to grab a bottle of Bubbly Knight or any of their other wines (like Super Orange, for example), don't miss out. These wines are perfect for summer sipping. Domaine VSN also often supports winemakers who are struggling by commissioning wines from them. By drinking their wines, you're also supporting winemakers around Europe. That sounds like a good reason to open a bottle!

Country: Czech Republic

Region: South Moravia

Grapes: Müller Thurgau

Vintage: 2022

Music pairing: Theme from Knight Rider

Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel
Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel
Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel
Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel
Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel
Bubbly Knight 3.0 - Michal Kacetl & VinSuperNaturel



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