Wild World is back!!

When Wild World was born back in 2019 in Austin, we here at Raisin were thrilled to see a wine fair in the US completely devoted to natural wine and naturally fermented beverages. From Texas to New York, Wild World has always been one of a kind, supportive of the community that we champion here at Raisin, and proud to highlight true artisans of the vine.

With that being said, we’re extra excited to announce that we’re once again partnering with Wild World as they host their first festival since 2019 on Monday, November 1st 2021 at Strong Rope Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn!

WILD WORLD is back to welcome producers who are committed to fermenting beverages and foods with wild yeast and bacteria. It’s one hell of a good time, and unlike other natural wine and beer festivals, it’s also a fact-finding mission that seeks to debunk myths of “natural” fermentation where necessary and break down the barriers that have long divided beverage communities. This is your chance to taste a wide selection of natural wines, craft beer, cider, and mead from around the world, and attend panel discussions between key members of the industry.

Head to Wild World’s website, and get your tickets now: https://www.wildworldfestival.com/

Discover Sabotage Wine store in Kiev, Ukraine.

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