Welcome to REWINED in Rennes, France!

Welcome to REWINED in Rennes, France! Travel through their blue retro front doors and find a magical place combining a natural wine bar, wine shop, farmers market, and exhibition space.

Created by Alan, a stage and light technician from Brittany and Emeline, who after ten years working in gastronomy, travelled the world to deepen her knowledge of wine.

This dynamic duo, compliment eachother perfectly. They created a lively, warm and open atmosphere where you can drink natural wines which have real history made by real people. It is a place of exchange, a place with no pretension, a place where both amateur wine lovers and connoisseurs are welcome.

They even offer a selection of small places, which they cook on site using local and organic produce. Plates that pair perfectly with their Natural Wines that they sell by the glass or bottle.

Next time you are in Rennes. Visit REWINED!

Rewined Natural Wine Rennes

Rewined Natural Wine Rennes 2

Les Pénitentes the 29th and 30th of janvier 2022!
As 2021 Enters its Last Days

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