sunnyside mindful drinking app

Sunnyside – Mindful Drinking App

If, like many of us, you enjoyed one or two (or ten) amazing bottles over the festive season, you might be thinking about cutting back in January. is an app that promotes mindful drinking, it’s not about stopping, it’s about being aware of what you drink, and tools to help you reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

We know that natural wine is a healthier alternative to many alcoholic drinks, which are often filled with additives and chemical interventions, however it might be time to expel the myth that drinking natural wine doesn’t cause hangovers. As Sunnyside mentions ‘A hangover is inarguably a drinker’s worst enemy’, which is why they dedicate a whole section of their website to explaining why we get hangovers and good ways to avoid them, even when we are drinking.

Unlike so many alternatives, Sunnyside is not here to stop us consuming alcohol. Their website starts with a non judgemental questionnaire designed to understand your personal goals, be it losing weight, saving money, sleeping better, having more energy, or simply avoiding hangovers. It then helps you learn tools and create a plan to achieve those goals in a realistic way. If in 2023 you are looking for help to stick to your new year’s resolutions, it might be worth giving it a try.

With that being said, at Raisin, we pride ourselves on helping people find places to eat and drink well. We believe if you are going to drink, you should enjoy a beverage that has been created responsibly with respect for the environment, the winemaker and the person who is enjoying it. However, addiction, depression and mental illness are very real things, if you do need help stopping completely, there are excellent institutions all over the world who can help you. If you are in need, reach out to a friend or one of the excellent non-profits that exist. Let’s make 2023 a great year!

sunnyside mindful drinking app sunnyside mindful drinking app

Happy New Year from the Raisin Team!
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