Domaine Geschickt

Sorting out the world with the Geschickts

Raisin team member David Neilson (Back in Alsace) sorting out the world with Frédéric Geschickt at Le Salon Des Vins Libres.

Along with nephew Arnaud and his partner Aurélie, together they make Domaine Geschickt tick, farming 12 hectares of biodynamic vineyards around Ammerschwihr. Geschickt in English = skillful, clever, agile, dexterous, adroit #nowigetit

P.S. Frédéric also just happens to be Mr. President of Demeter France (Monsieur le Président) 🙏🏻😎

Photo by paparazzi #benoitcortet – Merci Benoit!

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