The sincere, intense, alive wines of Benoit Marguet!

We got to know Benoit Marguet when working on the “Raisin, 100 Grands Vins Naturels d’Emotion” book. As such a key figure for biodynamic farming in Champagne, it was a pleasure to delve into the natural philosophy of this exceptional winemaker.

For Benoit, it’s more than just working in biodynamics, it’s a complete harmony. To make that happen, neither sugar nor sulfur is added to the wines, never straying from the terroir – therefore, the domaine must have high levels of ripeness in their grapes each year.

Transparency in everything is the final step – the back label indicates the sugar and sulfur levels in each bottle. The result? Sincere, intense wines that are bubbling with energy. Alive!

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