Organski pordrum natural wine

Organski Podrum – Belgrade, Serbia

What do you know about Serbian natural wine? Did you know, for example, there are only 8 natural winemakers in the whole country? Did you know there is currently only one natural wine bar in Belgrade? Perhaps it’s time to meet Raphael Dayan, originally from France, founder of Serbia’s first natural wine bar, and an expert in Serbian natural wines.

Organski Podrum was founded by Raphael in July 2020, right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Not the easiest time for anyone to start a business in the hospitality industry. Organski Podrum sells mainly Serbian natural wines (about 85% of their stock), plus a few French, Slovenian and Croatian wines which you can enjoy with local Serbian meat and cheese platters.

You might find some French or Italian bottles on the shelves, but the real stars are the local winemakers. Oszkar Maurer, Erne Sagmeister, Francuska Vinarija (Estelle & Cyrille Bongiraud), Vinarija Vujic (Dejan Vujic), Aleksander Todorovic, Bikicki, Bojan Basa, Milos Kostic. This list makes up the 8 winemakers that Raphael considers natural. Organski Podrum does its best to promote local grape varieties, as well as distributing natural wine over the Balkans. Encouraging the movement to expand.

Raphael Dayan, discovered natural wine around 20 years ago. After living in Serbia for 7 years, he decided it was time to promote his passion in Belgrade. He deeply believes in natural wines and helping others to discover them. When asked about the future of Serbian natural wines he simply replied ‘nature is future, future is nature’. We couldn’t agree more.

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Organski pordrum natural wine Organski pordrum natural wine Organski pordrum natural wine Organski pordrum natural wine

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