Cedric's wine of the week

Nyctalopie from Daniel Sage: Cedric’s wine of the week!

Nyctalopie from Daniel Sage: Cedric’s wine of the week!

I first tried this incredible wine just before the holidays, when I got to share it with a few friends. What a great moment. I like everything about Daniel Sage’s “juices:” I like the light red color, the flavors, and the fresh taste that Nyctalopie expresses. The complexity is also there, creating a real emotion evoked from this wine. One problem: the bottle is gone way too quickly. 

Daniel Sage mastered his craft teaching himself, and has been making wine in the Rhone Valley since 2011. Every single one of his wines is special, intense, fresh…alive!!!

When you drink Nyctalopie, you can tell how the blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir go really well together, and we become completely absorbed by the flavors of fresh red fruits, spices, notes of graphite, and pomelo. Here, we are far from the conventional wines of the region.

This is a great bottle to share…without moderation.

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