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Les Ju(s)Vénils – Glaine-Montaigut – February 4th, 2023

We are really excited to announce Raisin will be participating in Les Ju(s)Vénils, which is taking place on the 4th of February in Glaine-Montaigut from 10h-19h. A wine fair dedicated to young winemakers.

The fair has been created by l’AIV, Une Autre Idée Du Vin, which translates as ‘another idea about wine’. They are an association that has existed for more than 15 years. Their goal is to support a group of passionate people (15 friends) to tend and maintain vines and create biodiversity in the Auvergne region. The old vines they care for have become a true cultural heritage for the commune.

Another important activity that the l’AIV spend their time on is organizing a natural wine fair. They’ve been doing this for more than 15 years as well, and although it usually takes place in May/June, for the first time in 2023, they have decided to create a brand new wine fair dedicated to young winemakers!

It is so important to support the emergence of this new generation of winemakers, to give them a platform, and also to get them together to share and exchange knowledge. So we highly recommend visiting the first edition of Les Ju(s)Vénils this year!

Here are the winemakers you’ll be able to meet and sample:

• JAUFRE MAS . Puy de Dôme  • CLAIRE & EDO . Puy de Dôme  • HENRI CHAUVET . Puy de Dôme  • ERIC DURIF . Puy de Dome  • L’EAU QUI DORT . Haute Loire  • LES HIPPOGRIFFES . Allier  • LE MOULIN DE RAMEAU . Creuse  • AUX ARDENTS – MYLÈNE & THOMAS JUBAN . Brouilly  • VINS DRACH . Meurthe et Moselle  • AURÉLIE CROZET . Beaujolais  • AXEL DOMONT . Savoie  • KETURA ROUX . Tarn  • RAPHAEL RAYBOIS . Gard  • DOMAINE DU SABLIER – Camille  • MERGE . Roussillon  • DOMAINE DE L’EPEIRE – Philippe PETIT . Roussillon  • CLOS PRÉSENT – Sophie HERAUD . Corbières  • RÉMÉDIO VINI . Italie


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